St Nectans Glen and the Rocky Valley

Benoath Cove Beach

This Cornish walking route will not leave you disappointed; with ancient woodland, a 60ft waterfall at St Nectans Glen, beaches and panoramic views of the Rocky Valley there are sights to be seen around every corner! Although it is a fairly short walk at just over 6km there are a lot of elevation changes especially around the coast, which is to be expected in Cornwall!

St Nectan's Glen

We started in the car park for St Nectans Glen and began the mile-long walk to the waterfall following the footpath along the river Trevillet and through the ancient woodland.

The woodland walk is free however there is a small fee to see the waterfall which can be purchased at the cafe, you can see the full price list on their website. The 60ft waterfall, St Nectans Kieve, is believed to be one of the UK’s most spiritual sites with people tying ribbons and placing crystals or small piles of stones near the waterfall and became a Site of Special Interest in 1985 because of its rare flora and fauna.

labyrinth carvings

We crossed the stream to head towards Halgabron and followed the path alongside the river. There are 3 mills along the Trevillet river; Halgabron mill, Trevillet mill (which is now a private residence) and Trethevy mill which is an 18th-century mill used to produce woollen textiles that now lays derelict. Here you will also find circular labyrinth carvings thought to be from the early bronze age although, some think that the carvings were made using metal tools meaning they are more likely to be less than 300 years old.

Rocky_valley_waterfall square

After a short walk along the river views of the Rocky Valley begin to unfold which are truly breathtaking. The jagged rocks have been carved out by the Trevillet River reaching over 70ft at their highest point and the river leads out to sea via a beautiful waterfall that cascades through the valley. If you have bought a picnic with you then this is the place I would recommend eating it; listening to the sounds of the waterfall, the waves crashing against the rocks and enjoying the spectacular 360 views.

As you continue along the coastal path you will see yet more stunning views of the rough, rocky landscapes and beautiful turquoise sea. We took the path on the right to head down to Benoath Cove, the path is very steep and towards the beach you are practically abseiling down the rocks using a rope so head down at your own risk. Although this was a trek and I kept thinking, “we have to climb back up later,” the beach was definitely worth it! We were lucky enough to be there when the tide was out so we had what felt likes miles of yellow sand and calm seas. There are also some great caves that you can explore and you can walk along to Bosiney Cove when the tide is out too!

Benoath Cove Views

After you’ve enjoyed a quick paddle in the sea or a nice relaxing afternoon sunbathing you can head back up to the top and follow the path back to the main road which will take you back to St Nectans Glen car park.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk and the gorgeous scenery as much as we did – let me know how you got on in the comments!






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214 m

Download Directions

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Start your walk in St Nectans Glen car park, head out of the car park, cross over the road and head up the lane towards St Pirans Well and the church. Follow the lane to the right and keep walking for approximately 650 meters until you reach the woodland path.

Follow the woodland path towards the waterfall – approximately 720 meters. You can purchase tickets to the waterfall at the cafe here – no need to pre-book. Once you have walked around the waterfall head back down the same woodland path.

Following the same path back through the woods, you will come across a bridge signposted Halgabron. Cross over the bridge and keep to the path for approximately 650 meters until you reach a narrow road just outside of the campsite. Turn right and head down the road for approximately 450 meters.

Once you reach the main road at the bottom cross over and follow the path on the right that leads to Trevillet Mill holiday cottages. Follow the public footpath past the cottages and through Trethevy Mill, it is approximately 500 meters until you reach the Rocky Valley.

Follow the coastal path round to the left past the Rocky Valley. If you would like to visit Benoath Cove you can do so by taking the public footpath to the right and down to the beach. It is very steep getting down to the cove so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you fancy a bit of rock climbing!

Keep following the coastal path at the top as it forks around to the left and takes you back to the main road. Once on the main road turn left and follow the road for approximately 1.15km until you reach St Nectans Glen car park once again!

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