Nymans Woodland Walk

fish pond nymans woodland walk

This Nymans woodland walk takes you from Handcross to Staplefield through Nymas National Trust. Now that spring is officially here there are gorgeous flowers coming into bloom in the Nymans wildflower garden including lots of bluebells!

It’s the shortest walk I have posted so far at just under 6km so it is definitely suitable for most walking capabilities as it is not at all strenuous, there is also a great pub in Staplefield, The Victory Inn, which is a great place to stop for a bite to eat or a quick drink to make this a real leisurely stroll.

I hope you enjoy this walk and got some great pics along the way. Please share the route with friends and family and let me know how you get on in the comments!






1 - 2 hours



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157 m

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Start your walk in Handcross, there is lots of parking just off of the high street.

Head right down the high street and make a slight left onto the B2114 and follow alongside the left-hand side of the road where there is a path (don’t worry, you won’t be walking on the side of the road for long.)

You will then reach two gates, one on your left and one on your right. If you would like to explore the beautiful gardens of Nymans National Trust then go through the gate on your left and come back to this point. To continue the walk head through the gate on your right, this is Nymans wildflower gardens, this is an excellent spot to enjoy all of the beautiful flowers coming into bloom and lots of bluebells.

At the end of the wildflower garden, there is a little path through to a huge field. Follow the fields all the way down until you reach Staplefield (approximately 1.15km)

Once you have walked through the fields, on your left-hand side there is a small gap in the bushes that takes you back onto the B2114, so head through there and turn right into Staplefield. There is a pub in Staplefield called The Victory Inn which is a great place to stop for a bite to eat or a quick drink!

There is a turning on the left, off of the main road, that takes you up a small lane. Follow this road for approximately 880 meters. On your left, you will see a gate and a cattle grid that lead into a field full of sheep, head into the field and follow the path.

Once you reach the house at the end of the path there is a gate on your left, head through the gate and into Nymans Woodland Walk. Follow this path for approximately 500 meters past the Fish Pond.

Just after the pond, there is a gate on your left that leads into a field, head up through the field until you reach the end. At the end of the field, turn left and then immediately right to follow the path all the way to High Beeches Lane, approximately 780 meters.

Once you reach the lane turn left and left again at the roundabout, you are now back onto the high street in Handcross and have finished your walk!

I hope you had a beautiful day, don’t forget to leave a comment and share the route with your friends and family!

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