South Downs, Amberley and the River Arun

A lovely walk whatever the weather, although super muddy during the winter months – you have been warned!
Starting in Amberley train station car park BN18 9LR (which is free – bonus!) and taking you around parts of the River Arun and up to stunning views of the South Downs.

I have included two routes, one is a shorter 6.5km route where you can enjoy woodland paths, Arun banks in South Stoke, and of course the river Arun! Or a longer 10.6km route that takes you further up the South Downs towards Amberley Mount where you get some truly amazing views not to mention a burn in your legs from the incline!

Either route is a great way to spend a Sunday that I’m sure you’ll love as much as we did!

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2 -3 hours



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107 m

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Head out of the car park and turn left, walk along the road until you reach the bridge that goes over the River Arun. Cross over the bridge halfway and then take the public footpath on your left. Follow this path until you reach a fork in the road, (seen in picture) take the left fork. This path is very narrow and muddy (if in winter) so be careful! Keep walking until you reach a road (seen in picture.)

Once you have reached the road turn right follow the road for about 140 meters until you see a public footpath sign on your left, take this path and keep walking straight for roughly 330 meters. You will come across a gate on your right with a big green sign saying “sheep in this field,” go through this gate and make your way down the field.

At the bottom of the field there is a style to your right, cross over and follow the path along the small stream that runs along the left of you. You will then reach a fork in the path, follow this to the right until you reach the train line bridge and follow the path underneath.
You will then come to a small wooden bridge, cross over and follow the path to the right – you are now walking along the River Arun which should be on your left.

When you reach a small bridge turn left to cross over it, you are now in the small village of South Stoke and the Arun Banks is a great place to stop for a picnic to enjoy the views of the river.
Once you are ready to set off again cross back over the bridge and follow the small path through the woodland.

Keep following this narrow path until you reach a long metal bridge, cross over the bridge and head up to the top of the field. There are great views opening up behind you, take a moment and enjoy them!

At the top of the field is a gate where you can decide if you want to head back to the car (for this option turn left and then immediately right and stay on Stoke Road for approximately 1.34km until you reach Amberley train station) or you can turn right here to follow the road all the way to the top to see stunning views of the South Downs.

If this is where you leave us I hope you have enjoyed this walk and congratulations – you have just walked approximately 6.5km!
If you are carrying on please continue reading.

The road you are on now is quite long, approximately 2.3km, but the views of the South Downs to your right just keep getting better!

Once you reach the top of this road you will come to a fork, head left and keep heading up for approximately 490 meters. There will be a gate on your left, it’s a sharp left so keep an eye out, go through the gate and head down the field towards a small, very circular pond.

Over to the right of this field is another gate, go through and head up the narrow path to your left. Keep heading straight for approximately 1.6km, there will be a gate on your way, just head through and keep straight.

Once you reach a T junction you are at the top of Amberley Mount, a historical landmark. Feel free to walk around South Downs Way to enjoy the stunning views!

To head back to the car you need to go left at that T junction, passing Downs Farm on your left. Keep left to head down High Titten road/ South Downs Way.

Once you reach the bottom of this road turn left again and stay on New Barn road until you see the train station across the road on your left.

Congratulations, you have finished your walk, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did!

Let me know how you got on in the comments!

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